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Toe Reading

What Is It?

The art of toe reading can be fun, revealing, and therapeutic. Unlike palm reading, it doesn’t predict the future, but rather, provides information on how the past may be affecting the present, and in turn, the future. It is based on the principle that the body physically records the story of our life in the toes, registering the internalization of past events, upbringing, thought patterns, emotional tendencies, beliefs, perceptions, etc.


The toes change as we do, and offer an up to the minute snapshot of who and how we are, a telling reflection of our current stance on things, and what may be standing in our way or waiting to come through. A toe reading provides awareness, and a synopsis of your story, through which new perspectives and opportunities for growth may be exposed.


In short, it can provide understanding and motivation to kick start positive changes toward realization of your highest potential and goals. 

What Story Do Your Toes Tell?

Book A Session to find out!

"My experience with Angela's toe reading was incredible. Her method is thorough, professional, thoughtful, and stimulating. I came away from the session clear, empowered and really connected with myself and my answers and path. This is an absolute must for anyone!" Shannicole 

"This was such a great experience. I did my session over Skype and still felt the energy and connection no problem. I had never heard about toe reading before and wanted to find out what it was all about. I had no idea so much of myself and my past could be seen through my toes. Truly fascinating. I have been reminded about where I want to head in my life again after being lost. I feel lifted and energized. It was truly amazing. Thanks so much." Chany Flany

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