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Angela Wieland

I am a Master Toe Reader, Transformational Hypnotherapist, and Empowerment Life Coach. I received my training from the nationally accredited and top ranking Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, after which I did a clinical internship with the Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS. I graduated with honors with a BS in Business Administration from Portland State University, though began my academic study as a psychology major. I have always been fascinated by the sub-conscious mind, altered states, metaphysical realities, astrology, and the mysteries of life.

Like many, I didn’t have the easiest time growing up, and detrimentally internalized much of what I witnessed and experienced, which created a rather warped sense of reality that kept me stuck in the grips of fear, insecurity, inadequacy, codependence, and then some, for far too many years. Perhaps I wasn’t ready, but conventional therapies did very little to help me out of my web of despair, crippling anxiety, and subsequent hopelessness. The medications may have saved my life, but they were merely a band aid, and not something I wanted to continue taking.


I eventually turned to alternative treatments and spirituality, hoping to change my reality and my life. Gradually things began to shift, but it did take conscious effort on my behalf. Having struggled so significantly, and possessing a deep empathy, I felt compelled to learn and employ these powerful techniques and teachings to help others transform their own limiting beliefs, hard luck stories, victim mentality, and unfulfilled potential to reclaim their innate power to move forward with strength, confidence and conviction.

Hailing from the countryside outside Portland, Oregon I went on to live in New York City for a decade before relocating to the Southwest desert, prior to moving to the jungle and beach of Mexico. I have a myriad of experience working with people of diverse backgrounds (socio-economic and cultural) and differing lifestyles.

I worked for several years at the Four Seasons and St Regis Luxury Resorts in Punta de Mita here in Mexico. I now live in Puerto Vallarta, but welcome clients from around the world via online sessions. 

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