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No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.
- Albert Einstein


Our mind, body and spirit are inextricably linked, with each affecting the others. Oftentimes illness develops due to negative thinking, beliefs, and emotions, be it conscious or not. It is important to remember that nothing occurs in isolation. Most conditions result from an imbalance in these interconnected components.


We all have our own internalized programming based on our individual upbringing, circumstance, and experience. Ever notice how two people can observe or undergo the same experience, yet have a vastly different take on it? We filter our environment based on our notions of "reality" due to our past and thus look for evidence to support what we believe to be true, thus perpetuating and recreating more of the same over and over again, until we break the cycle by becoming aware, conscious, and deliberately choosing differently. Your perception is your reality. Choose to see things differently and you can change your life.


I can help you get beyond your "story" to create the life you want. We are all works in progress. I believe we are confronted with challenges in order for our souls to evolve. While not always easy, and I speak from experience, it is essential...and possible. Nothing is insurmountable, even if you've felt stuck for years. I have powerful tools (online toe reading, hypnotherapy, coaching, & reiki) to assist in your discovery and growth. 


Speaking from personal experience, I believe the most important factors in selecting and continuing with a therapist are rapport, connection, and a sense of being heard and understood. I have a ton of varied life experience and exposure to different lifestyles, nationalities, and personalities. This has helped me infinitely to meet each individual where they are with empathy, compassion and non-judgment. Are you ready to take the first step?  Let me support you on your journey


I provide a complimentary 15-20 minute consultation to answer any questions or address any concerns, to discover if I am the right fit for you. Please contact me to take advantage of this offer.  

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