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Coaching provides a supportive environment and tools to help you broaden your perspective and meet your goals. This is achieved by asking poignant and powerful questions geared at accessing the innate wisdom that resides within. 


As opposed to traditional therapy or counseling, which often focuses on analyzing the past, coaching meets the client where they currently are, and helps them discover what beliefs, behaviors and patterns are getting in the way of reaching their goals. It is about assisting the client in reclaiming their inherent power, and developing an action plan to steer them toward achieving their desired results.

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“You have helped me to do so much.”

Charlie Carter, Phoenix, AZ, USA

"There I was, beginning my travels in Mexico, when I heard about an amazing toe reader Angela. I had no idea what it was, but was definitely intrigued. When I met with Angela her simple explanation made complete sense to me. You spend your entire life on your feet so your toes hold a lot of information to your past and present experiences. Immediately I felt comfortable in her presence. She was very focused in studying my toes and started explaining the meaning each toe holds. I was pleasantly surprised at how intuitive Angela was. It was like she was reading me like a book just by looking at my toes. I don't want to give too much information but what she brought to my attention was life changing. One of the biggest things I realized through this reading was that I have always told people what they want to hear rather than speaking my truth in order to spare their feelings. This was more self-destructive than I realized. Since meeting with Angela I have been speaking my truth in a kind manner instead of internalizing it as I used to. This has changed my relationships for the better. I feel like I'm now letting go of that which doesn't serve me. I continued on with my travels to Cambodia and Thailand although this was definitely a highlight in my journey of self-growth. Thank you Angela! Your words will always carry with me."


Shawna Bowen, Santa Rosa, CA, USA

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